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Columbia river fishing guide Dave Maroon catches Sturgeon, Salmon, Steelhead Walleye and Shad. The Columbia river fishing guide service fishes Columbia river, the Bonneville dam area, the Willamette river, Sandy river and the John Day river and other popular Northwest rivers.

Let's Go "Catching" Oregon Fishing Guide Service fishes year 'round offering full day fishing trips for the most popular fish on the best rivers. I'm your Oregon fishing guide and my name is Dave Maroon. Many of the fishing guides in this area are "part-time" and have full time jobs in other industries. I fish the Columbia river and the other most popular rivers of the Northwest 365 days a year and I've been doing that all my life.

Columbia River Fishing Guides
Salmon - Sturgeon - Steelhead - Shad - Walleye

I am recognized as a Fishing Legend on the Fishing Legends website because of my experience, knowledge and for the fishing derbies that my boat continues to win year after year.

Much of the year I fish below Bonneville dam where huge Salmon and Sturgeon gather. Many people believe that this stretch of the Columbia river is one of the best fishing hot spots on the entire Columbia River. Most of my clients book Bonneville dam fishing trips several years ahead in order to be here for prime time fishing. Most of them always bring their cameras and camcorders because this area of the Columbia River is in the breath taking Columbia Gorge and the sights you will see of the dam are magnificent.

Dave Maroon, your Oregon fishing guide is an expert fishing guide. Dave is one of a very select few in this business who holds an associate’s degree in fisheries which has given him great knowledge of Columbia River salmon, steelhead and sturgeon runs and habits. Dave applies this knowledge on a daily basis and he knows how to catch Salmon Sturgeon Steelhead Walleye and Shad because he applies everything he learned obtaining the fisheries degree in figuring how the fish move up the river, what kind of bait they want and why the fish choose certain types of baits and what the best fishing baits are. Dave knows more about tides, times of day that are best for catching fish, what popular fishing techniques catch Salmon, how to catch Sturgeon and the best Steelhead tips. That's why Dave finishes extremely high in Oregon fishing derbies on the Columbia River.

Every fishing website you visit is going to have some guide stating that they are the best fishing guide on the Columbia River. Dave Maroon holds a fisheries degree and knows how to catch fish and can prove it!


Fisherman's Marine Supply, Stevens Marine and other local sponsors put on an annual Salmon and Sturgeon Fishing Derby.
These Salmon fishing derbies and Sturgeon fishing tournaments draw hundreds of anglers every year. It is an honor to finish in the top 25 but Columbia River fishing guide Dave Maroon consistently finishes in the top three.

We fish the Columbia River, Willamette River, Sandy River, John Day River & other popular Northwest waters.
We target Chinook Salmon, Sturgeon both oversize and keeper Sturgeon, Walleye, Steelhead and Shad. We are Portland, Oregon area fishing guides and fish most often near Portland, Oregon.

The mid-Columbia river is a good stretch for Sturgeon and salmon fishing and it's a short distance away. Portland area fishing guides and Oregon fishing guides offer fishing trips near Portland and the most popular fisheries are Sandy river Steelhead fishing and Willamette River Sturgeon, Steelhead and Salmon angling.

Mid Columbia River Salmon, Sturgeon and Steelhead fishing is done in a 24' North River boat that is completely covered when conditions dictate. Drift boat fishing is commonly used for catching Steelhead on the Sandy River.

     Fish guides for the Willamette river Sandy river driftboat fishing Steelhead near John Day Dam in Oregon. Popular fishing techniques used for Chinook, Coho, Sturgeon, and Steelhead fishing are sometimes spinner trolling, bait casting or
trolling Wobblers. Kwikfish for Salmon Bobbers and drift jigging with bobbers as well as drift fishing for Steelhead with fresh eggs and backbouncing eggs.


Salmon & Sturgeon Fishing Tips

     Using Salmon eggs that were properly cured backtrolling and back trolling for Salmon below Bonneville dam is very popular for Oregon fishing guides. Columbia River Fall Chinook Salmon Keeper Sturgeon, Oversize Sturgeon & Trophy Sturgeon can be caught during most of the year by some of the best Sturgeon fishing guides.

     Fishing charters and charter boats fishing for Chinook, Coho, Fall Chinook & Upriver Bright Salmon fishing on the Columbia River are fishing guides on the Columbia River who offer day trips for Salmon Fishing.

     Columbia River Sturgeon fishing guides or charterboats anchor below the Bonneville dam and troll below Bonneville dam for Spring Chinook and upriver brights as well as keeper and trophy Sturgeon with the best fishing baits and popular fishing lures.

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